Ark Survival Evolved

All Maps Included
Workshop mod manager
Procedural map generator
Instant Setup on all locations

PixArk Hosting

All Maps Included.
Automatic Updates.
All mods included.
Worldwide locations

Best selling Dedicated game servers


Our server hosting features

Powerful Control Panel

We use a highly customized TCAdmin V2, so creating and editing servers are super fast.

DDOS Protection

All of our dedicated servers are protected from any DDos attacks, so that you can play without any interupption.

Full SSD Hosting

All the server server filess are hostind in SSD hard drives for ultra fast loading times so you experience complete zero lag.

1-click Mod Support

All of our game servers comes with Mod support. From Ark Survival Evolved to Conan Exiles. Install mods in just a single click

Powerful i7 Machines

We host all our servers exclusively on i7 machines with 4.2Ghz processors. So no compromise with any quality.

24-Hour Refund

Don’t like our services. Contact us with within the 24 hoours of putting your order and we will refund you, no questions asked.
Why do I need game server hosting?
Hosting your game server on an outsourced dedicated game server means you don’t have to host it locally on your computer. That means you can keep your server running 24×7 without any problem. Also along with that, you get a control panel where customizing server settings is very easy. However, if you are an expert we also give you full “text editor” access plus ftp file manager to download and upload files.
How long do I have to wait after I order?
All our game server hosting and order process is completely automatic. Once you order your server will setup automatically and also do an automatic steam update so that your server files can get synced with the latest version. Once that done you will be able to join the server instantly. Also, you will be able to login to our control panel directly from our client area.
Are the servers Public or Password Protected?
It’s completely up to you. By default, we like to collect a password while ordering so it’s password protected. But you can easily remove the password from the server by logging into your control panel. If you need any help with this process contact our support.
I am coming from another host. Can I migrate my servers?
Yes, we can migrate your servers for completely free provided if you have the right save files. If you are not sure what those are we will ask you for ftp login info for your old hosting provider and we will do the migration within 6 hours.  To avail this you can just create a support tick after you order a server?
What happens if I don't like your server?
If you don’t like our services you can contact us via support ticket within 24 hours and we will give you a full refund with no questions asked.


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Why host with EasyGameHosting?

At EasyGameHosting, we keep our focus always on technology and providing an easy game server hosting solution for our clients. Our control Panel is suitable for both experts and amateurs.  We host all the newest games like Ark Server Hosting & Conan Exiles hosting and working every single day to add new games. 

I found a host which is cheaper.

Game server hosting is a highly competitive industry. In order to enter the market, you need to keep your pricing competitive. However, cheaper pricing doesn’t guarantee the best game server hosting experience. We try to keep our pricing very flexible and competitive with other game hosting companies so anyone can use us as a game server host.

We are a premium Game Server Hosting company. We host all latest games like Ark Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles, Space Engineers and many more game server hosting coming soon in future. We make the hosting easy so that you can order a server and start playing in few mins.

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